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While you may have struggled to convince them about the importance of good dental health when they were younger, now that your child is a teenager they are probably placing special prominence on the appearance and health of their teeth.

Teen dentistry addresses a very important stage of your child’s life and development. The habits they have been practicing at home for years are finally beginning to show results, whether good or bad. As a teenager, they likely care a little bit more about keeping their smile healthy and they probably also have a better understanding of what exactly that entails.

Just because your child has finally come around to good dental health habits, it doesn’t mean they can skip their professional cleanings or office visits. In fact, as their habits and dental health are now being cemented during this formative time of their life, it’s still vitally important that they are showing up for their six-month check-ups consistently.

At their checkup, your teen will get a full overview of their current dental health status. They may have X-rays taken so that the dentist can look for cavities and signs of decay between their teeth, and they’ll also check on the health status of their teeth’s roots and gums. At the same time, your child will get a complete cleaning and thorough once-over from the hygienist, who can point out any areas of concern and potential areas of improvement for their at-home care.

At the end of the appointment, your teen will know that they are on the right track to a healthier smile. And, this is also the perfect time to address any questions they may have about teeth alignment, bite alignment, wisdom teeth, and other aspects that usually begin taking a higher level of importance during their teen years.

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