WELCOME TO Kuna Kids Dentistry

Your Pediatric Dentist in Kuna, ID

  • We Offer Convenient Appointments
  • We Have a Friendly, Bi-Lingual Staff
  • We Accept Most Major Insurances and Medicaid
  • Come Enjoy a Fun and Welcoming Environment for Kiddos

Kuna Kids Dentistry is a fun and welcoming dental office with friendly staff that helps our patients feel comfortable during their dental visit. Parents can rest assured that their child is in great hands! Our office has been designed to create an experience your child will remember in a positive way while promoting healthy dental habits.

To learn more about Kuna Kids Dentistry and our team ― contact our office for more information about the treatments we provide and to see if our dental team is a fit for your child!


Committed to Your Child’s Smile and Safety

Given the recent events and changes surrounding COVID, our office knows parents are doing their best to keep their kids and families safe and healthy! Parents may be asking themselves, “Why should I take my kids to the dentist, why now?” or “Why should I chose this office?” Our dentists and staff are committed to keeping our patients, their families and our employee’s safe and healthy!


So, Why Choose Us As Your Kid’s Dental Provider?

  • We’ve taken all the precautions to ensure our patients and their families are in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Friendly and bi-lingual staff who understand what kiddo’s need and want for their dental care!
  • Flexible scheduling options – book online with ease.
  • Extended Hours of Operations (early and late evening appointments to accommodate busy parent’s schedule.)
  • Our dentists pride themselves in providing the “Kidsperience” – a kid’s dental experience that they will remember!

And, Why Should Your Kids See Us Now?

  • Staff and dentists continue to follow social distancing guidelines and follow the Centers for Disease Control’s Infection Control Guidelines for Dental Practice to meet or exceed dental services provided.
  • Staying healthy doesn’t just mean avoiding illnesses, it also means taking care of your kid’s teeth! Dental care is essential to one’s overall health. Kids should continue following healthy dental habits and visiting their dentist every 6 months for routine dental care.
  • FREE, highspeed Wi-Fi in waiting rooms to allow for remote learning while waiting for appointment.


girl in blue holding toothbrush and smiling
boy in blue holding toothbrush and smiling



Dental Sealants

Dental Cleanings

Fluoride Treatment



Dr. Julio O. Escobar

Dr. Julio O. Escobar feel fortunate to practice dentistry since 2008. He is happy to join Kuna Kids Dentistry to continue the next phase of his career.

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Escobar strives to improve oral health from infancy through the teen years. He believes early intervention, education and prevention are pillars to creating healthy smiles and patients who are comfortable in the dental setting. Those efforts are also key to establishing long-lasting habits and routines while minimizing the possibilities of dental fear or anxiety. Dr. Escobar knows this both as a pediatric dentist and as a parent. He is the father of two young children. Growing up in a place where access to dental care was minimal, he has made it his goal to increase access to dental care through service and obtain the best education to help his patients. 



It's Like a Spa Day

“This place really knows kids and the things they do to make a kid feel great, it’s like a spa day for my lil girls.”

Great Staff

“Great staff. My son is absolutely scared to death of the dentist, but the staff here made him feel much more comfortable. ”

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Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. However, please note that we are unable to provide any medical advice over the phone.

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Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. However, please note that we are unable to provide any medical advice over the phone.

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