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As a parent, you’re always worrying about things that may inhibit your child’s healthy development. You want the best for your child which is why you are always keeping an eye out for habits and behavior that may jeopardize their healthy and proper development as they grow older. Out of all the habits parents may see their children development, thumb sucking is one that certainly stands out.

Thumb sucking is a normal habit for babies, but as your child begins growing into a toddler, you can wonder if the habit is getting out of hand. Will it continue? Do you need to act to stop it? When faced with a thumb-sucking toddler, one of the best courses of action you can take is to simply talk to your dentist or doctor to get some common-sense advice.

Thumb sucking will usually stop well before your child enters preschool. For infants, the use of a pacifier or seeing your child suck on their thumb/fingers is totally normal and acceptable behavior. This is a natural reflex, and it’s a behavior often seen in the womb while they are developing. As your baby grows, this reflex will provide a feeling of comfort and security for your child.

While it’s soothing for your child, as they grow older, it’s a habit that needs to be broken. In addition to their social development, thumb sucking can also affect the positioning and alignment of their teeth as they begin growing in. This can lead to teeth that protrude out or even twisted teeth is thumb sucking is able to alter the alignment as these teeth grow in. If you have noticed that your toddler hasn’t stopped sucking their thumb, even as they continue to make progress in other areas, it’s probably time to speak with their dentist or doctor.

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