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Your child needs good habits to grow into a healthy, strong, and self-sustainable adult. Out of all the habits you need to be teaching your child, dental hygiene should certainly top the list. But, building healthy dental habits in your child can be difficult. In many cases, children don’t really grasp the effects that poor dental habits will have on their long-term health.

Sitting down and educating both yourself and your child on what poor dental habits can lead to is essential to making sure your child is able to grow up with a strong and healthy smile that will last for decades to come. But, what are good dental habits?

First and foremost, you probably already know that you should be teaching your child to brush for 2 minutes, twice a day. You should also be teaching them about the importance of flossing. When your child is brought in for their regular check-up, the dentist will most certainly be able to tell if they are putting the habits into real, regular practice and give your child some further pointers on taking good care of their teeth.

Does your child not seem convinced about the importance of good dental hygiene? Discuss with them about the real, long-term effects they can expect from not having the right habits. Simply saying, “You’ll get cavities!” doesn’t always translate the real gravity of the situation to your child. Let them know the facts on tooth decay and how it can lead to the loss of a tooth in a matter of years. Also, teach them about the importance of flossing in the areas where the toothbrush can’t reach to prevent in-between-teeth decay.

With the right approach, you’ll put your child on the path to having a healthy and beautiful smile that they’ll enjoy day after day. To schedule an appointment with our dental team to help build dental habits for your child, contact our office today.

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